Public Health Service Learning

After reviewing the principles and standards of service learning, specifically in relation to academic courses, I believe it is the perfect fit for the Health Field Work Experience Course.  Integrating a strong service learning experience that is in the community centered around diverse public health issues including access to healthcare, women’s health, mental health, poverty, and food insecurity would provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of the field of public health.  The first objective and outcome for the revised course would focus on the students being able to demonstrate comprehension of current public health issues through a specific service learning experience.  The second objective and outcome for the course would center around the students participating in the planning and implementation of messages and programs to promote health.  The two main outcomes would involve the community and specific health related organizations to benefit. Through the application of academic readings and assignments, particularly reflection papers, the students would get a significant learning experience to assist in preparing them as a future public health professional.


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