Getting started for spring term

I’m really excited to join the spring cohort of exciting faculty with many great ideas already. Our OSU Business Writing / Writing for the Workplace class seems like a great place to start connecting our students with real world experiential learning, building bonds with the community and learning together. It’s what they are going to do anyway.

Already some of our WR 214 classes ask students to imagine that they are collaborating with local non-profits and other organizations, so this will be for real. Making it a real connection will help them take seriously the question of audience awareness. There will be real people right there; nothing hypothetical. And they can learn from each other, not just from me. It’s a win-win situation.

My concern at the moment is how to make the contacts with community organizations and whether that is going to take more of my already scarce time. I’m also concerned about travel. Travel is not easy for me nor for my students. I wonder if we can ask the organization to come onto campus to meet us in the class during class time. Maybe that goes against the whole idea of going into the community? But how can we ask students to go outside of the regular class time. They may have jobs in addition to other classes. And the catalog won’t prepare them for this. Well — I’m sure I will find out soon.

Looking forward to this great opportunity.


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